Monday, December 7, 2015

Email updates

Hey Folks....

Hope all is well. Just a few important points to get cleared up before class on Wednesday. I looked through the blog and there havent been any new field sketch posts made in weeks (in fact a few people havent posted since the Natural History Museum (as Scooby Doo would say as he cocks his head sideways, gives that quizzical look and says, "Rrow, rrow!?"). Remember we will be sitting down this Wednesday and looking through everyones posts from the Waystation and that Extra Fieldtrip you all took in loo of the Creature Development Project. So here are some things I will be looking for as we go through the blogs which essentially will be a large part of your final with one fieldtrip left to the Aquarium, which you will also post on the blog. So here goes....

#1. Ive noticed that a few of you have still not posted under your full name or are still using a nickname or other tag. Please change this to your FULL correct NAME before we get moving on Wednesday. It should be easy to do and its REQUIRED. When I grade these things I don’t want to search around my attendance/grade sheets.

#2. Make sure you post the new entrees to blog under, Your Name - WAYSTATION and, your name - EXTRA FIELDTRIP the last one will be AQUARIUM. Make sure they open up extra large so its projected well. I would also work up the images a bit so they look more complete and solid. I sent over a few of mine from the Waystation trips. I don’t expect them to hit this level but certain try to catch the spirit of what you intend and make it solid. Also I will be going through the blog again for final grading and many of the previous fieldtrip drawings look like they need some "touch-ups" and more tender loving care. I would think about taking another pass or two at the previous work before Dec 17th.

#3. Talk about the Aquarium Fieldtrip on this Sunday the 13th, 11am - 4pm. Directions/address are on the blog.

#4. Just another reminder that we will be going through everyone's posts on Wednesday. Get something to munch on and sip on before the show begins at 4PM. Don’t be late folks.

So Jackie will probably do a follow up email to make sure everyone's on track with the protocol and process so everyones ready to go.

Happy Trails; Gary Geraths


Hey guys, your TA here, I wanted to follow up on Gary and let you know that I took the liberty to post the process on how to change your name in blogger, it's real simple and easy. Also to repeat what he mentioned the naming convention basically should look like this with my name as example, Jackie Bautista-WAYSTATION (all caps please!) same with the extra trip Jackie Bautista- EXTRA FIELDTRIP.

(bolded the words for easy viewing, blogger won't bold your title.)

I don't want to see a title blog just called Waystation by the way, that's pretty stupid since Gary won't know who you are. Also LABEL your stuff and don't create your own animal labels, I repeat NO PERSONAL CREATIVE LABELS, I saw people making labels for Hippos and stuff, please don't just your own labels and just stick to the ones for the field trips. Get your stuff posted it is MANDATORY you post on the blog since you will be graded on it and make them look nice a clean because this will be projected VERY LARGE, and you'll be very embarrassed. Also label your name. That's the most important part since that's how were are going to go through your stuff, if it's not labeled and we skip something, your fault.

One final thing, I don't want to see cutiepiekittiecat as an author, put your real legit name here folks. I'm not a mind reader to know who you are under that nickname, WRITE YOUR FULL NAME. Also, post all your stuff yes? A lot of you are missing a lot of things, get your stuff together and post the missing ones AND the new stuff. I have made it clear and simple as I could. Remember, your grade is on the line.

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