Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Maryann's creature design #2

some rough sketches, will clean up.

Erick Villegas-Nunez: Creature Design // Phase 2

Kevin Chong - Zoo (Gerenuks)

Kevin Chong - Zoo (Hippos)

Kevin Chong - Zoo (Elephants)

Kevin Chong - Zoo (Giraffes)

Alex Pugh-Zoo and Horse fix

Jie Yi Lee_Zoo and horse_Fix

Angelica Gau - Creature Design - 2nd Iteration

Abi Savage - Creature 2nd Iterations

Creature #1

Creature #1 Reference

Creature #2

Creature #2 Reference

Samuel Jin Chon - Creature 2nd Iterations

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Creature Development and 6 Hour zoo trip

Hey Folks....

I had a talk with Devon yesterday and a got a couple of good emails from you folks and I've made a couple of slight course changes for this semester which should benefit everyone. We have decided to divide the class into two "sections" that fulfills all of requirements for the "homework' section of the class. Here it is. If you have questions feel free to email me this weekend and I'll get back to you.

Up to this point you have been required to do a "creature development" homework assignment and the results were all over the map with lots to look at. Some of you have approached me that creature development aint in your wheelhouse and not your focus of concept art. Devon and I both agree that going through another round of reviews of what we saw a few week ago wouldn’t benefit 1/2 the class SO here is a solution that will cover both interests and even out the "homework hours per week" requirement. You will choose either #1 OR #2 option for that you will proceed on...

#1. You will continue on with the Creature Development steps for this coming week (November 11th) which we will look at after I go through the make up, construction, and character of Big Cats. Devon will go through the creatures make up and development. There will be some new/last component added to the assignment and then we will take it to a point in the future that most likely will be during the last two weeks of the semester as a final. I believe this is the best complement to what the objective of the class ultimately was created...the application of theory, field sketches, research and practical application.

#2. Some of you have no interest in creature or concept. make sure the work load is even, fair and you still get the field experience I will ask you to partake in your own 6 hour fieldtrip to the LA Zoo by the end of the semester to draw some monkeys and primates (and whatever else you feel the interest to draw and study) and then add them to the blog under a assigned labeling so I can keep tabs on it. That way those of you that want to concentrate on observation and drawing can work at your own pacing yet have a designed objective. Your focus will be important because I will be taking as serious a look at this work as the creature development because frankly I think it’s a lot easier task than creature so the quality control of you working on your own will be keen.

Sound good to everyone? Just remember that those creature development sketches must be posted by Wednesday afternoon. That’s it. Hope all is well and email me if you have any questions. Take care.


Hey guys this is Jackie, your blogger TA, the labeling for the Zoo trip (if you don't want to do the creature development) should be the following:

6_Hour_LA Zoo_trip

and the label for this should be the same, DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE A LABEL FOR YOUR OWN NAME. I will repeat this over and over, this is necessary for you to do so Gary can properly grade you, so bear in mind, you need your own name label as mentioned before in conjunction to the LA zoo trip label that I wrote out for you guys. This is to make your life easier, not harder.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015